Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back to School

The snow delayed school for a day and half this week, which was a pretty nice way to ease back into some sort of routine.

Part of our traditional routine had been our Tuesday jaunts to the park, so yesterday afternoon Little Sister suggested that we head to the pond to see if it was still frozen.

As we approached, we were surprised to see several geese loitering near the playground. (Usually they keep to the pond.) This, of course, led us to believe that they were most likely playing on the swings and slides before we arrived because I'm sure that's what geese do when no one's looking. (They did look rather guilty as they quickly exited the playground area.)

In addition to the honking of geese (and the lone squawking of a seagull) we heard a distinctly different bird call. I couldn't get close enough to confirm with absolute certainty, but I'm pretty sure that rattling call and stout blue-grey body belonged to our friend, the elusive kingfisher.

Upon reaching the pond, we found that much of it was indeed frozen. Sister whipped out a knife and fork (naturally) to see if she could pound through the thick layer of ice, but there was no budging. (Oh, if it would only freeze enough for us to go skating!!!)

She stepped gingerly onto the edge and then grinned in triumph. Not a bad way to start the first 2016 day of school.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello, Snow!

I've just returned from a weekend retreat with our church's young adult group. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with this crew . . . and also with the younger members who tag along with their parents.

I spent some pretty special time getting to know a darling, curly-headed pixie of two, which meant that I also spoke in sing-song for two days. It was delightful to brush up on my toddler-ese. Not baby talk, mind you (heaven forbid), but the kind of talk that compels toddlers to call all things "silly" ("Look at that silly snow!"), or "comfy" ("I like this comfy bed!") or "squishy" ("My feet are squishy!"). I also attempted to recall my pre-school-appropriate vocal repertoire, which included a lively (yet decidedly warbly) rendition of "Ride a Cock Horse." I'm really out of practice.

Because I'm still in semi-rhyming mode (and because I got very little sleep over the weekend), I found myself thinking in picture book language as I walked this afternoon.

I hadn't actually planned to walk today. (Did I mention the sleep factor?) But you see, it snowed. And it's not often that we get snow in them thar hills . . . or at that thar pond. 

And I just had to see what she looked like, blanketed in white. And then, of course, I just had to write all about it in a silly little rhyme. Because I just can't seem to stop.

Hello, Snow!

Snow is falling on the trees,
Snow is falling where the geese
Used to squawk and play.

Snow is cupped in Queen Anne's lace,
Snow is swirling 'round the place
A flock of ducks was prone to stay.

Snow is hung from moss and lichen,
Snow is fun to walk and hike in --
But not so much today:

Snow is tickling my pink nose,
Snow is freezing my ten toes,
And so I must away!

Goodbye, Snow!