Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Elf Nook

We were almost certain that if we could just dart quickly enough, we'd catch a glimpse of a fairy wing or hear the peal of elfin laughter.

The Little Elves of Elf Nook by Elsa Beskow

Perhaps it was the morning fog. Perhaps it was the influence of my current Narnian read, Prince Caspian. Either way, we knew we had entered a land of enchantment.

Really we had just entered the church parking lot. But around the wetlands at home, we're accustomed to seeing the more drab brown varieties. Pretty, but not impish.

This one beckoned. We pulled the car over and allowed the magical world to enfold us for just a moment.

Hmmm . . . There was something familiar about this particular specimen. What was it? Oh, yes. Now I remember. My own little mischievous elfin kin have been inspired by enchantment before . . .  

. . . Once upon a time.